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DHTC or The Dangle Hockey Training Centre is a custom built shooting range and stickhandling facility. Our concept is like no other in the GTA. Very popular in European countries and Russia, off ice stickhandling is more highly regarded than actual ice time. This is mostly because the availability of ice is scarce and the ice isn't in arenas all four seasons. Nonetheless countries like Sweden Russia, and more recently Switzerland, Slovenia and Latvia are beneficiaries of this type of off ice training.

Team training will be available which will focus on your teams specific needs. We will also be offering drop in classes. These classes will take part in a circuit that is carefully designed to work on your stickhandling skills but also fatigue the player at the same time.

Our goal is to make training fun, informative, at times difficult all while keeping what Dangle Hockey has been known for, for years....meticulous teaching techniques and our attention to detail. We will offer private sessions focusing on the Science of Stickhandling.

Think of CURVES but designed for stickhandling. The circuit will consist of 7-10 stations, each station will have the excercise posted in detail on the wall in front of the player. The player will work at that station for 2-3 minutes then rotate to the next station. Repetition is key to learning and this will be the most enforced philosophy in DHTC.


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